Centennial Valley Grass Fed Cattle

We believe we produce the finest beef in the world … except maybe in Scotland.
We say this as we raise cattle which for generations has been recognized to produce the most tender and flavorful beef as finished on grass – in an environment that is suited to their well being and allows them to ‘age on the hoof’.   We raise Scottish Highland and Galloway cattle.  This beef is incredibly flavorful and nutritious – lower in fat and cholesterol then fish, pork, chicken and significantly less then commercial beef cuts while being higher in protein.
We are based in the Centennial Valley, in southeast Wyoming.  The cattle graze on native high altitude grass in irrigated pastures and on native range-land grass.  They are fed high quality hay during the winter months.
Reference the film:  Steak (R)evolution.  We will custom finish a steer to your specifications.

We will ship the cattle to your processor or packaged beef is available directly from us -1/4 or 1/2 of a steer, or beef in packages or customized as you specify.Mama at HCR Sign Feb 2018

Our cattle are Galloways, not Belted Galloways (Belties).  To learn more about Galloway beef:  https://americangalloway.com/


To learn more about Scottish Highland beef:  https://www.highlandcattleusa.org/

Our beef is featured at the Trading Post in Centennial.

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